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My little team (you can count my sister Jo Jo in here) know there’s a better way of doing things and we know you do too. We want to be like that barista who remembers your name and the way you take your coffee. But to do that, we have to start a conversation. So, share anything, your photos and your feedback and lets start talking.

Your dog will never share my time. 

Separation anxiety? You can relax – while you wait – in an adjoining snug. There is no need to go anywhere but you might be tempted to head out for a walk in our beautiful fell side; which adjoins Townfoot Farm or just sit and relax at Tommy’s bench or in Mischa’s Paddock and take in the view. Whatever you choose both you and your dog are very welcome.

I specialise in the Cockapoo and other wool mix breeds with their dense, mostly curly and, because most don’t shed often long coat. It can be a surprise to find the amount of time these coats need – to not just look fabulous, but to be comfortable for the dog. Too heavy and the dog will overheat in these summer months. Too much taken off and the dog is susceptible to sun damage. Getting the right balance is a trained skill and one that requires time (for your dogs well-being) and patience. I can give that. In return I only ask that your dog has regular visits – to me – following that first (and often) overdue groom.

If you consider that your dog has a monthly groom it could take as little as an hour on each visit and cost around £25. Leave it for two months and you can double that and three: triple. Keeping your dog regularly groomed means less time out and more time for your dog to do what it naturally loves the most … play …!



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