My aim is to offer a calm and loving environment that makes your dog feel safe.

I use Chris Christensen products. ‘When perfection is the only option’.

“Who Are You Calling a Hairy Mammoth?”

Full Groom

Price dependant on regularity of appointments. If, between visits, you spend a few minutes each day brushing your dogs coat then time will be saved when it comes to teasing out any matts on the day of the groom. This means less time with me and less cost and that has to be a win, win! If we haven’t met before then I would allocate 2 – 3  hours to the first full groom. If your puppy is a Puppilicious puppy then it will be much less time because your dog will be familiar and that will ensure your dog is happy to let me work away.

To give you an idea of what is in store in the Cockapoodledoo parlour:

  • Tease Please … brush out using a curved slicker brush for wool coats to coax away matts.
  • Pawdicure … nail tipping and paw trim.
  • Wash All My Troubles Away … clarifying bathe to remove any build-up of product followed by a cleansing shampoo designed for a curly, dense wool coat with light condition to avoid heaviness again specially for wool coats.
  • Not Too Hot For Me … (following a towel squeeze) blow dry using a combination of stand dryer and hand held for low level noise to keep everyones nerves intact.
  • Could I Grow Potatoes in There?! … gentle ear clean, trim and shape of choice.
  • Show Stopper … clip to desired length and scissor to shape.
  • I’m Smiling … tooth clean – initially with a gel that does not require a brush then a paste and brush when the client is comfortable with the procedure.
  • Swish If You Like Me … tail shape of choice and hygiene trim.
  • I Can’t See Out … face shape of choice and trim around the eyes.
  • Camera Ready … and, arguably the very best bit; home.

Don’t panic. You know your dog best and should you be concerned that there will be a stand off when it comes to teeth or know of peccadilloes you will have my patience and time to discuss them. Every dog will learn to trust the environment it finds itself in. This may take time and patience.

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